February half term saw the launch of our adult learners' courses at St Helier's Hospital, Sutton with a mixed group ranging from registrars to HR officers.  The course spanned two consecutive Mondays with around 4 hours teaching per day.  Our advanced learners were touch typing the whole alphabet and punctuation at around 20 - 25 words per minute at 95% accuracy after eight hours of tuition.  The secret to our success is using an approach called precision teaching which enables the learner to gain feedback on literally every key stroke.  The brain quickly becomes trained into systematically improving its scores in a incredibly satisfying, effective approach that keeps motivation, interest and fun levels really high.  As a result of two such courses between February and April, we have been invited back to St Helier's to run more staff touch typing courses in the Autumn.


We are in the process of further developing our adult two day courses.  Please contact us if you think your organisation's HR staff training team would be interested in knowing more about our adult courses in your company, school or organisation.


We launched our first Wandsworth holiday course which was kindly hosted by Finton House School, in the Easter holiday.  This was attended by pupils from Finton House School and Thomas's School and it was great to see pupils' progress over just one course.   A number of learners are in Year 8, learning to touch type before going onto Public school next September.


The Summer term saw the opening of our Radnor House School weekly club in Twickenham.  This is a before school club catering for pupils from Year 3 - Year 9 which is run by Sarah, Nick and Sue.  


This term also saw Notre Dame School included touch typing as an option in its weekly "Additional Activities" session which takes place in the last hour of the school day every Wednesday for Year 7 - 9 pupils.  Sue has been working with a group of Year 7 pupils who have opted for touch typing over yoga and dance.  There is a real interest in other pupils and parents who want to sign up their secondary aged children in September.


 Due to interest from Twickenham parents we are running a Twickenham based holiday course which is being held at Newland House School from 7th - 11th July.


In the Summer term we review our term time clubs and enter into discusssions with new schools about setting up new term time clubs  We are delighted that new term time clubs will be opening at Dulwich College and the German School of London from the Autumn term 2014.