About Typing’s Cool Touch Typing School

Typings Cool - Nick and Sarah Holt

Typing’s Cool was set up in 2009 by two teachers, Nick and Sarah Holt. We run weekly school based clubs across London for pupils of all abilities. Key to your child’s success is to adapt our teaching to students’ preferred learning styles to achieve faster, more effective results.

Typing’s Cool aims to teach 8 – 16s and adults how to touch type up to 40 words per minute with 95% accuracy. By using all ten fingers and thumbs, rather than pecking at a keyboard with two fingers, pupils can learn to type four to five times faster. Beginners, improvers and advanced touch typists are given personalised guidance and support.

The courses are aimed at children and young people, as well as being open to their parents for a complete beginners or refreshers course.

Join us at St Joseph’s Primary School, Kingston upon Thames, Radnor House School, Twickenham, Manor House School, Bookham or Oakfield Prep School, Dulwich in person, or via a live Zoom link up.

Remote learners will be sent links to our software, teaching materials and the Zoom meeting ID.

Additional Learning Needs

Around a quarter of our learners have an additional learning need such as dyslexia or other cognitive issues. Our innovative neurological approach directly benefits reading and writing as well as spelling.

We use a range of educational programmes especially designed by experts, matching our approach to your child’s preferred learning style. Physical exercises are introduced to further improve touch typing ability.

Typing’s Cool also promotes spelling, writing and presentation skills. For learners the fun is in dodging asteroids, zapping aliens, “type” rope walking and other app type challenges.

Typing’s Cool holiday courses are registered with OFSTED as an out of school hours activities provider on the voluntary Over-eights register. This means that parents can use child care vouchers to pay for courses.

Our Courses

Our Teachers

Typings Cool - Sarah Holt

Sarah Holt

I started Typing’s Cool in 2009 with my husband, Nick.  Our daughter went through her secondary school education with no recognition or help for her dyslexia and at the time there seemed little available to help her.  We were fortunate in that we had good links with a leading educational psychologist who helped us to set up Typing’s Cool as a weekly club in our local primary schools.

I have been able to draw on my own background as a qualified secondary PSHE teacher to use a coaching approach that bathes our learners in positivity and a supportive framework where it is impossible not to succeed.

It’s great to be a resource for parents as we have been through such a challenging journey with our own daughter.

Typings Cool - Nick Holt

Nick Holt

I began my teaching career as a secondary SEN teacher in a Surrey Comprehensive school where in trained in neurological approaches to helping learners. 

A number of our learners have dyslexia type issues and touch typing has become their invisible superpower to unlock their academic success.  

Typings Cool - Hind Hamdouni

Hind Hamdouni

I support students with disabilities as a note taker which I started studying for my MPhil in Health Economics at Kingston University.

I help run some of the Typing’s Cool school clubs such as Putney High School and Rokeby School, and also teach typing in learners’ homes, the youngest I have worked with is a five year old!

I have been the President of the Kingston University Yoga Club and I like to create a calm, relaxed but focused atmosphere in our clubs.

Typings Cool - Eva Keith

Eve Keith

I am a professional tennis coach and it’s fun seeing some of my typing students at our  kids tennis sessions.

I have always been passionate about performance and being the best I can to achieve my dreams, so I hope I am a role model for our students when they are finding it tough and progress seems so slow.

Typings Cool - Eva Bordoy

Eva Bordoy

I learnt to type as a teenager growing up in Spain on an old fashioned manual typewriter which explains my incredibly strong fingers! I can easily type 80 words per minute.

I am a professional actress and I enjoy helping with clubs and holiday courses when I am not on set. During course sessions I take learners through stretches to stay relaxed and comfortable.

Typings Cool - Sarah Ibbotson

Sarah Ibbotson

I have a career background in finance while bringing up a family and live in Bromley.

I run Typing’s Cool clubs in the South East London area and am excited about launching our first holiday club at Sydenham High School at the end of this term.

Typings Cool - Sharmen Sultana

Sharmen Sultana

I am a co-owner of a Plumbing & Heating company and hold a degree in Criminology.

My interests are playing chess, cooking and quad biking.

I really enjoy being a touch-typing tutor. It’s great to see the progress the students make at the sessions and the sense of achievement they feel as they improve.