Typing's Cool is now offering adult touch typing courses following our successful pilot programme at St Helier's Hospital, Sutton, earlier this year.


We aim to teach adults how to touch type over a two day course that runs on consecutive Mondays.  The course generally runs between 9:30 - 3:00 pm providing four hours of tuition with short breaks to pace the learning.


Most traditional approaches to learning to touch type take 30 hours, for example, adult education classes and other online based programmes.  Typing's Cool has dramatically cut the amount of time required to learn to touch type through harnessing a number of proven accelerated learning techniques.


Typing's Cool uses a highly innovative approach to teaching touch typing called precision teaching.  Using cognitive, brain based approaches, the learner makes the most effective use of learning time so that every minute is used 100% efficiently.  Consequently far more ground is covered more quickly than in traditional teaching programmes.


In the busy world of modern work there is no time to waste in unproductive, boring and ineffective staff training days.  Typing's Cool recognises this and has adapted its approach to children and young people, to help adult learners to accelerate their learning an absolutely essential life skill painlessly and enjoyably.


Feedback from our St Helier's courses has been highly complementary in that the course is not only the most effective touch typing training that has ever been commissioned by the hospital but participants found it highly stimulating, effective and boosted their confidence.


To run an adult training course in your company, organisation or as a staff in service training event all we require is a training room.  We will provide all the equipment including lap tops, head phones etc so that the training event is as flexible as possible.


Please contact us for more information.