Learning to touch type brings many additional benefits to Special Needs individuals, and is often an invaluable, or even life changing, skill. Learning early benefits reading, spelling comprehension & vocabulary. It greatly reduces the need for handwriting, which is commonly a disliked or a challenging area, and errors can be corrected easily without original mistakes being apparent (producing neat written work).


The careful design and structure of our soft ware programmes have made them popular with teachers working with other types of Special Needs, including Dyspraxia / Development Co-ordination Disorder (DCD), Austistic Spectrum Disorder, Aspergers, Semantic Pragmatic & other language disorders and Visual Impairment.


Our software programmes:

  • Focus on additional literacy benefits whilst teaching typing

    • Improves reading, spelling, grammar and punctuation

    • Use only age relevant & useful vocabulary

    • Letter patterns & real words are always kept separate, and there are no random letter patterns that resemble 'real' words, so there is no confusion in spelling

    • uses all the words in the National Literacy Strategy for Key Stages 1-3
      ......set vocabulary to appropriate Key Stage for each child

    • extra optional spelling lessons

    • uses the 300 most common words in adult vocabulary, and quotations and proverbs

  • Use a strong multi-sensory approach

  • Unique key / finger colour coding system

  • Both spoken & written instructions

  • Visually simple & uncluttered presentation style

  • Choice of background screen colours

  • Highly structured content to ensure thorough and easy skill acquisition

  • Short lessons aid concentration and focus

  • Fun arcade-style games to keep motivation high

  • Clear consistent design, with immediate reward of the games