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A ten minute story by Arthur 


My heart was pounding. I had run in front of my mum and dad to go and sit on the same part of the beach every day, and when I looked back, I couldn’t find them anymore.   The promenade was crowded and people were busy buying ice creams and all sorts of sweets on the dock.

Without a second thought, I desperately asked to random people on the beach, “Have you seen my mum and dad?” Of course, everyone answered no until one person suddenly said that he would bring me to the first aid post just a bit further on the beach. So we walked on a bit further while I was lamenting loudly with my hand in the man’s hand.


The city looked extremely modern with big hotels dominating the scene. The city was noisy and loud while I felt filled with adrenaline at losing my parents and crying on the beach -  trying to find my mum and dad who probably hadn’t realized that I was missing. When we arrived at the first aid post, the lady there asked me to stop crying and to tell her how I had lost them.


I said,” Well I was running in front of them when suddenly, when I turned to look backwards they weren’t there anymore.”


Then, I was conscious that I had made a stupid mistake. If they always sit at the same place on the beach, then I should be able to find them. I told the lady and ran off towards the place where they normally sat. When I arrived, my eyes were still full of tears and my mum called out to me, “Tom!”

I hurried over and sat down with them as happy as ever.


 The story of the Kraken! (Doctor Who version) by Ben 

Chapter 1

 There once was a ship that sailed the seven seas. The captain, sir Benjamin, was on the crows nest, searching for his sworn enemy, the Kraken! Just then his son, Sir Lukas, called up to him. The captain slid down the pole and joined his son. ”We’re heading towards a storm, sir!” he shouted. Suddenly, a police box appeared on deck.

“Sir,” Sir Lukas nervously whispered, “what is that?”

Suddenly, the door burst open and The Doctor, Amy and Rory walked out of the box and the doctor shouted” Where is the space squid?”


Tito's delightful descriptions

Fabulously flowing, the scorching molten rock

pours out of the horrific volcano.

Black ash curls up into the devastating wind,

fading into the deep darkness of the gloomy night.

Choking smoke rises up from the crater of the black crumbling earth.

As fast as a cheetah the blood red lava runs down the ever active volcano.

Glowing, the deep crimson core is angrily pouring lava

out of the vile and vicious volcano!                        


Slowly, the massive, menacing, and marvellous iceberg

drifts gently across the Arctic Ocean.

Deceptive, the looming iceberg is magically concealed

in the Poseidon blue ocean.

Shimmering peaks glow above the cool rippling dark water.

Like a star in the sky, the iceberg is a twinkling star in the ocean.

Determined, the iceberg withstands the most devastating weather conditions.




Clara's school trip to France

On Friday 27th  April year 4 went to saint Omar, France.  First of all we arrived at school at 6:45. Then we left school on the coach at 7:00. After that we drove to Roadchef and had our packed breakfast. Next we went to the euro tunnel. On the euro tunnel we had to get of the coach and stand. I played a hand game with Amy, Lucy K and Charlotte. Afterwards we drove to a village called st. Joseph and had lunch. I had cheese and chips whereas most people had ham and chips. We then had a look at the open air museum.

 After that we drove to the chateu and were shown our rooms. Our room number was 303. I shared a room with Lucy K, Lucy C, Charlotte, Amy, Isabella and me. Then we went down to the dining hall and had dinner. After dinner we did the big egg drop where we had to bid for things. We had twenty points to start with and then we used the twenty points to get things like balloons, tissues etc . Jack's team won and our egg felt horrible because it had got squashed before it had even been dropped and then it got dropped from the middle floor window where it got squashed even more!

After the big egg drop we went to the games room which had a tuck shop, a little part where you could buy little models, air hockey, a car game, and some hand football. That night I went to bed at about 11:30. Also I got to sleep at about midnight!

On Saturday we went to the market  and I bought a bag of sweets. Then we went to Agincourt, and learnt all about the big battle between the French and the English.After Azincourt we went to the chocolate factory where we saw how chocolate was made and some photos of cocoa beans. Then once we had had a talk about chocolate we were allowed to go and look in the chocolate shop and buy some chocolate. I bought a circle of milk chocolate, I was going to buy dark but  nobody in my family likes dark chocolate.   Then we got back on the coach and we went back to the chateu. Then we had dinner. After dinner we played a game called NSC super hero which was where one person in each room dressed up as a super hero with everybody's clothes. Our team was called Gum girl and Gummy. Gum girl was Lucy C and Gummy was Amy. And me and Isabella were their guards.

After that we went to the games room. I stayed in the games room for a little bit and then went up to my room. That night we had a midnight feast up in our room from sweets that we had bought from the games room.

On sunday we went to Naussica. It was an aquarium and we saw lots of animals. There were some really ugly fish and my favourite animal was the sharks because they were really big and interesting. Also we watched a 4d film. After we saw all the animals we went to the shop. At the shop I bought a key ring, a wooden shark, a fish pen and 6 postcards.

Then we all got back onto the coach and drove to the euro tunnel. Finally we got back on the coach, and went to England. Then we drove off the euro tunnel and drove back to school. All in all I had a fantastic trip.