Seven Year 6 pupils took part in our first summer holiday club  in the first week of the summer holiday, 2012 in Kingston upon Thames.

The club was organised and  hosted by Debbie who provided a warm welcome and kept energy levels high with a constant supply of healthy snacks and chocolate. 

 Congratulations to George, Millie, Hamish, Tommy, Finlay P, Finlay C and Luke for making such great progress in just one week.  They all reached level 4 of the course which now means they are masters of the middle and top rows of the computer keyboard.  They are well on the way to being able to touch type.

 As well as hands-on keyboard lessons and games, the holiday club also featured the human keyboard, letter bingo and finger star jumps.  


Finlay P:   "I would recommend this club so other people can learn how to type."

Hamish:    "I found the lessons easy and it's fun."

Millie:        "Typing is a good life skill."

Tommy:     "The best thing was asteroid storm....Typing is an amazing skill."


Close up bingoFinlay P - best shotNessy bingoLukeTommygroup shot