"She really enjoyed the course and would very much like to join you again at half term." Year 8 parent


"He had a great time and having done three different typing courses this was the best.  'The people were nice, patient and made it fun!"  Year 4 parent.


The snap shots below show the mix of hard work, fun and effort made by all the participants on some of our holiday courses at New Malden Library.  Although we use a number of software programmes we also use lots of multi-sensory, tactile approaches to keep learning novel, fresh and stimulating.  Evidence shows that the long term memory is reinforced by the use of as many senses as possible and activities using the whole body.



          Typinvaders - typing game          We use simple covers to cover hands    Group games reinforce the letter keys       


 Nathan - our assistant tutor                    About to complete the course....                   Mid session


 Using all the keys by day 2                      Boggle to learn the home row keys     Pictionary to connect letters on the keyboard


 Human keyboard with Nick                                    Sarah with students                           Using playdough to learn keys


 Playing "Paintball Factory"                   Demonstrating 30 wpm                 Making new friends


Working on an advanced programme      Sibling harmony                          Getting into the flow


 Keeping going                           13 wpm at 98% accuracy                   Helping each other


 Determined to learn                Growing in confidence                Using playdough to memorise keys


 Keeping a log of progress